Bridge Basics and Beyond


Play of The Hand

In this class, students will be introduced to Developing Declarer’s Plan, Promotion and Length, The Finesse, Eliminating Losers, Watching out for Entries, and Managing the Trump Suit. 

Class 1:  Developing Declarer's Plan

Student's learn to count loosers and winners and develop Declarer's Plan.

Class 2:  Developing Tricks - Promotion and Length

Students learn how to promote winners and develop long suits.

Class 3:  The Finesse

Students learn when to finesse, finessing toward high cards and repeating the finesse, and finessing two cards.

Class 4:  Eliminating Losers

Students learn the power of ruffing and discarding.

Class 5:  Watching out for Entries and Watching out for the Opponents

Studnets learn how to develop and protect entries.  Students will also learn how to avoid the dangerious opponent and the importance of the "hold up play."

Class 6:  Development of Declarer's Plan and Putting it all Together.

Studnets wil work on developing declarer's plan and putting all of the concepts of "Play of The Hand" together.


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