Bridge Basics and Beyond


Defense in The 21st Century

This is a six-week course usually taught on Wednesdays from 6:30 8:30 p.m.  The course is designed for the beginning to intermediate player.  The course utilizes the highly acclaimed Audrey Grant “Bridge Basics Series.” 

 Class Overview:

Class #1:  Opening Leads                                                                   

Opening Leads against Notrump and Suit Contracts                      

Class #2: Second and Third Hand Play                    

Concepts of Third Hand Play                                     

Concepts of Second Hand Play

Class #3:  Defensive Signals

Attitude Signals

Count Signals

Suit Preference Signals

Class #4:  Developing Defensive Tricks

Taking Sure Tricks

Promoting Tricks

Establishing Long Suits


Class #5:  Interfering with Declarer

Defensive Hold-up Play and Attacking Entries


Defending Against Finesses

Defending Against Declarer’s Trumps

Leading Trumps, Overruffing, and the Uppercut

Class #6:  Making the Defensive Plan

The Objective, Counting Tricks, The Alternatives, Putting it all Together 


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