Bridge Basics and Beyond


To Learn the Basics of Bridge, We Offer Three Courses: Bridge Basics I, Bridge Basics II - Competive Bidding, and Popular Conventions.

In order to provide students with the best information possible on bridge, we utilize the highly acclaimed Audrey Grant Bridge Series.  These well thought out and easy to read texts help students gain the knowledge necessary to begin the game of bridge.  Further, they provide a ready reference to help students remember the basic concepts.  The books for the first three basic courses are as follows:

Course 1, "Bridge Basics I - An Introduction."

Course 2, "Bridge Basics II - Competitive Bidding."

Course 3 "Bridge Basics III - Popular Conventions."

These are all written by Audrey Grant.

Students can find them used from Amazon or order them from Barron Barclay Bridge Supplies.

How are the LessonsTaught?

The lesson is generally two hours in length.  The first hour is a PowerPoint presentation with the second hour utilized to play hands that reinforce concepts taught in the first part of the class.  Dr. Holmes utilizes PowerPoint presentations that develop concepts and demonstrate hands for the entire class to study.  Questions are encouraged and appreciated! 

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